Unexpected clean dishcloth good method

Let's home is the most common dishcloth of things, do housework absolutely cannot leave it, clean tables and chairs, brush hearth, lampblack machine, electric appliance and so on and so on, the bathroom, home to many dishcloth, total need to clean up is probably the most difficult of the kitchen dishcloth?


Because there is always a deal and oil, hard to avoid make very dirty very fat. Usually, we are in essence that wash clean again and again, continue to use, but sometimes, a few days, there is no use dishcloth hard purify the imprinting.


Try this method, not only can give dishcloth disinfection, sterilization, still can go to remove part of the printsPuma Shoes Sale.



1) the dishcloth in container with a pot of water, then will be in, the fire boil eggshell, open cover son continue cooking 6 minutes.


2) and then take out, use cool water is rinsed clean, dry air is basked in.


A pot of cooked rag, about five eggshell with enough is enough. At ordinary times unused egg shell, and can collect up, dry and no relationship. In addition to clean dishcloth, also can give the water bottle or to make clean water (the broken egg shells into bottles, plus a small amount of water, cover and kept after shaking it out, wash it, you can clean ShuiJian).


Every time we played the eggs, eggshell, will remain on the walls of a layer of egg white, the protease egg white, can let the dishcloth turned white clean, it can play a crucial role well.


The home, in principle, best said dishcloth can do a day Puma Speed Cat Womens , a week or a wash replaced every two weeks. But then, it is too good to waste, so that we would make egg shell boil it, in addition to the sterilization turned white, still can reduce waste yet.


Wash and clean dishcloth after every time must be fully dry, so that it was not easy to bacterium. Must hang in the ventilation and the sun is place air is basked in.

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