Have a raw vegetables will play its efficacy: sweet and sour garlic

Vegetables are: 1, melons; 2, green leafy; 3, JiaGuoLei; 4, Chinese cabbage kind; and 5, tubers; 6, and the true root kind; and 7, onion garlic kind; and 8, brassica; 9, pod kind; and 10, DuoNian lettuce kind; and 11, water lettuce kind; and 12 fungi; 13 other classes. And in these vegetables, garlic will belong to a suitable for raw. Mention the role of garlic, can antiseptic antiphlogistic, can protect the cardiovascular system Puma Shoes Sale , can antitumor, is a vascular scavenger. Reducing blood fat, resist arteriosclerosis garlic effective component can significantly reduce the blood fat, hyperlipemia rabbit hint garlic can fall hematic fat, fight atherosclerosis role. Many of the effects are garlic because of its body have garlic and garlic enzymes, the two effective substance. And the two substances in heating, will reduce the role. So will play its raw effect. We are the most common way: such as raw garlic to after skin made into a pulverized, in the air a few minutes to put garlic and garlic enzyme in the air, in combination with the best effect produced garlic vegetarian. Sweet and sour pork and a kind of raw garlic is also. They tasted good oh. Eat more suitable for summer Puma Speed Cat Womens . Raw materials Garlic 500 grams, 100 g sugar, white vinegar a little practice 1, the choice of the new public tender garlic removed skin in the water a day bubble above. It points to change water several times. Should choose water to boil the water, let cool. This can effectively remove the spicy garlic. 2, will add sugar and white vinegar garlic put a month into that. END: 1, garlic, although nutrition a lot. Role a lot. But when eating is as good as a feast. Not to eat. 2, because of eat garlic can cause a taste of garlic. Finish eat garlic, drink a cup of milk can be removed. 3, garlic is unfavorable eat on an empty stomach. Gastric ulcer patients with headache and cough, toothache, diseases, unfit to eat garlic.

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